VSI Dust

IS 383:2016

VSI Dust, also known as Crusher Dust or Quarry Dust, is a by-product of the crushing process of rock or stone in VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) machines. It typically ranges from fine dust particles to a maximum size of 4.75mm with a specific gravity ranging from 2.6 to 2.9

Key Benefits Of VSI Dust

  • Improved Workability

    VSI Dust offers excellent workability with its fine particle size and angular shape.

  • Enhanced Compaction

    The angular particles of VSI Dust promote interlocking, resulting in improved compaction and stability.

  • Cost-Effective Filler Material

    VSI Dust acts as a cost-effective filler material, reducing the need for larger quantities of natural aggregates.


  • It is easily compacted and levelled, enabling precise shaping and finishing in construction projects
  • Ideal for filling voids, levelling surfaces, preparing foundations, and stabilizing base layers
  • It is commonly used in road construction, partially in concrete production, masonry work, and landscaping projects