10mm Aggregates

IS 383:2016

Key Benefits Of 10mm Aggregates

The 10mm aggregate holds significant advantages in construction:

  • Improved Workability

    As a crucial component in concrete, the 10mm aggregate enhances the workability of the mixture, facilitating ease in handling and placement during construction.

  • Compaction Properties

    The material's excellent compaction properties play a vital role in producing concrete with fewer voids, ensuring a more solid and durable structure. This, in turn, contributes to the longevity and stability of the constructed elements.

10mm Aggregate Applications

10mm aggregate can be used in the construction of base layers for roads and other infrastructure projects, as well as in the production of asphalt.

  • On-site Mixing: Ideal for on-site concrete mixing, the 10mm aggregate provides flexibility in construction projects, allowing for tailored solutions based on specific requirements
  • Pumpable Concrete: Widely used in ready-mix concrete, it is particularly well-suited for pumpable concrete applications. Its properties make it easy to pump, facilitating efficient and convenient construction practices