Our Profile

What we do?

The ongoing construction boom is exerting significant strain on the accessibility of ethically-procured building materials, notably sand & aggregates. In response to this challenge, our platform is dedicated to providing enhanced traceability and ethically-sourced sand & aggregates for building Indian Infrastructure, along with other green materials as substitutes for conventional building materials.

Our Vision

To build India’s largest B2B platform for ethically-sourced sand & aggregate trading 100 million tonnes by 2034.

Our Purpose

To clean India’s construction supply chain by replacing unsustainably extracted sand & aggregate with ethically-sourced materials.

Transforming the Sand & Aggregate

Demand Side

On the demand side, we are solving the age-old problems including:

Lack of price transparency

Inconsistent supplies

Fragmented vendor base

Unavailability of suppliers with pan-India footprint

Inefficient logistics

Supply Side

On the supply side, we are organizing the MSME players in the sand and aggregate industry solving their pain points such as:

Long credit cycles impacting cash flow

Incompetent business development

Inadequate technical know-how

Lack of incentive to produce high quality material

Sub optimal plant utilization leading to higher production costs

Our B2B managed marketplace is the go-to sourcing partner for major construction players focused on ethical-sourcing and enhanced traceability of sand and aggregates used in building Indian Infrastructure, is making a significant impact.

Cleaning the Industry Ecosystem

We are committed to cleaning the industry by sourcing sand and aggregates from ethical and legal sources. This distinguishes us from conventional industry players involved in malpractices and the use of illegally mined materials.

Optimization of Production Capacities

By aggregating and optimizing the production capacities of m-sand contract manufacturers who are MSMEs, we leverage the expertise and resources of multiple small enterprises. This allows us to maximize efficiency, increase availability, and improve the quality of products using our expertise.

Quality and Delivery Assurance

We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering on our commitments. Unlike some competitors, we have a strong track record of fulfilling orders and maintaining consistent quality standards.

Strategic Partnership

We establish ourselves as a sourcing partner to leading infrastructure and cement players. This gives us a competitive edge as we offer a comprehensive Pan India solution for their sand and aggregate needs. The fact that 'A-rated' construction giants are already utilising the services of Doctor Sand is a testament to this claim.