Green Aggregates

Green Aggregates

IS 383:2016

Washed M-Sand, 10mm and 20mm Aggregates, made by processing of recyclable materials such as construction and Demolition Waste, Mining Overburden (OB) and Dredged Materials to promote a Circular Economy.

Key Benefits of Green Aggregates:

  • Increased protection from seepage
  • Reduced costs, since it doesn’t need to be mined
  • Reduced environmental impact, more appealing to governments and customers
  • Preserves natural resources such as gravel, water, coal, and oil
  • Reduced space wastage in landfills

Green Aggregates Applications:

  • Bituminous (asphalt) road construction
  • Ground improvements
  • Earthworks - cuttings and embankments
  • Utility reinstatement
  • Shallow and deep foundations
  • Buildings - residential and industrial

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