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How Doctorsand is saving our rivers!

As we know the illegal mining of river sand is being banned by many state governments. The entire construction industry is gradually shifting towards m-sand and this is where Doctorsand comes in by promoting high quality washed M-Sand as a replacement of river sand and by giving an eco-friendly alternative to save the rivers and stop the environmental degradation.

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Water Absorption

Water absorption is an important parameter of concrete. If water absorption is high, then the water cement ratio is also high, and the consumption of cement is high. If the silt percentage is high in fine aggregate, then the water absorption is also high but in washed manufacture sand the silt percentage is in limit as per IS 383-: 1970. Water cement ratio depends on water absorption. By experimental data we can see the water absorption of unwashed sand is between 2.5– 3% whereas in washed sand the water absorption is between 2 – 2.5%.

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bulking-sand Source : CDE TechCenter

Bulking Of Sand

When water is added to sand, by the absorption effect, a thin film of water is formed around the sand particles. The film exerts surface tension on particles making them move apart. This leads to increase in volume because there is no direct contact between particles...

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Washed Manufactured Sand(M-Sand) vs Crusher Dust/VSI Fines

The construction industry has by far the biggest sand footprint in the world, claiming one third of its 40 billion-ton-a-year consumption. With the current surge in construction activity at the global level, and notably in Asia, this consumer trend shows no sign of abating. As a consequence, there is international recognition that natural sand reserves and the eco systems of which they are a crucial regulating element, need to be maintained.

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